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Mont Blanc Tunnel: Traffic bans in France and Italy in 2018


APRR network: new rates since February 1st


Alpine Tunnels: traffic disruption



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Drive simply with eurotoll on the 2200 km long Austrian road network. One single device for Germany and Austria

The road toll system in Austria: GO Maut


The electronic road toll in Austria is operated via specifics tags provided by Asfinag. From summer 2016, it will be possible, however, to travel to Austria with eurotoll tags (Tribox Air). These tags are detected by antennas when passing under the gantries located on the lanes, vehicles traveling at normal speed.

All heavy goods vehicles and buses of over 3.5 tons using the Austrian motorways and expressways are subject to road toll payment.

The amount of the tax shall be calculated on the following basis:


  • The driving distance in kilometers on the network
  • The number of axles of the vehicle
  • The EURO emission standard of the vehicle
  • The passing time on the network (from 10PM to 5 AM). A surcharge for traffic-related noise pollution is added on the invoice.
You can find the Austrian rates here

Control and penalties:


Manual control

Monitoring takes place at the traffic control points as well as in parking lots, but also during the flow of traffic.


Automatic control

Automatic control is performed through control cameras placed at toll gates. Portable control equipment is also available and regularly relocated.


Anyone not paying road toll in compliance with the regulations is subject to an administrative penalty of 300.00 EUR to 3000.00 EUR.


If you also drive your vehicles in Germany, please contact us.

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Benefits of eurotoll services:


  • Optimize your road toll costs
  • Track your activity through your customized dashboards
  • Monitor the number of journeys you have made on the road toll network by vehicle and by driver
  • Create customized reports by sub-fleet, customer, planner…
  • Enter your toll payment data automatically in your business tools (TMS, ERP or Excel)


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eurotoll it is one contact, one contract, one customer area,

to drive freely all over Europe.

Choosing eurotoll is to ensure to be advised and accompanied by a specialist in European toll, dedicated to the HGV sector.
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*0.15 € VAT incl from a land line in Metropolitan France, according operator abroad